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“Filmmaker finds purpose in teaching about Hindu culture and religion” – Sandi Dolbee, Religion and Ethics Editor, The San Diego Union Tribune

“As expected it was a great pleasure. Of particular interest were the following:
1. Being able to share the South Indian wedding we ourselves had along with a commentary on the significance of the rituals.
2. Being able to convey the major role played by friends and family: instead of just showing up for the party arranged by the family, the friends and relatives roll up their sleeves and actively participate in staging the entire event.” – Dr. R. Shankar, John Randolph Huffman Professor & Chairman-Physics, Yale University

“I think this is a film that needs to be shown all over America,” said Louis Elloie, a psychology professor at Mesa College, San Diego.

“Your film really opened my eyes,” said Alex Tolhurst, a student at Mesa College, San Diego.

“It was indeed a feast to the eyes and to the brain. My entire family enjoyed it. This movie explains the different wedding ceremonies of the world’s oldest culture in a very concise and captivating manner. It not only enlightens the younger generation, but also the first generation immigrants, who rediscover their culture and traditions. We are now looking forward to your next production on other aspects of the Indian culture.” - Dr PKSharma Major (retired.) Royal Army Medical Corps; Master of Orthopedic surgery; UK & FRCS, UK

“I saw the coverage on your documentary DEYPIKA'S WEDDING in India Abroad and the San Diego newspaper. I want to compliment you on this most useful and eye-opening undertaking. I have two daughters and we have discussed the wedding off and on. While they are looking forward to the Indian wedding, it is difficult to help them appreciate the significance of rituals involved. It is always better if they understand the symbolism and have an ownership interest in it rather than just go through it just because....
Your film provides an important bridge from our generation to the next. They will retain the meaning of these traditions and hopefully pass it on to their kids. I know your goal was to educate the American population, but our own population may have been an equal if not a greater beneficiary.” - Kamlesh Oza, Miami, Florida

“Even as opposing groups squabble over minutiae in the representation of Hinduism in California’s Grade VI textbooks, Vinod Kumar is educating Americans about Hinduism through a medium far more appealing: film.” – George Joseph, New York, India Abroad

“What a wonderful window into an Indian wedding. I had no idea about the symbolism associated with an Indian wedding. It was such a great experience to not only see the wedding itself, but to have it explained and elaborated on. Both the bride and groom charmed me. Vinod you did a fantastic job with this.” – Christine Powell, San Diego

“I very much enjoyed "Deypika's Wedding". The film is beautiful, and the tradition, which involves complete families, was heartwarming because it undoubtedly insures that marriage is taken as a very serious lifetime commitment. I loved it.” - Edith Flourié, Professor, Mesa College, San Diego, CA

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