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vinodFilms’ mission is to inform Western countries about the rich cultures and traditions of India through innovative filmmaking that is entertaining as well as educational.

The production company’s first documentary, Deypika’s Wedding, recently made its debut to rave reviews. A documentary featuring the wedding of a North Indian and South Indian couple in Southern California, the film explores how immigrants adapt to their new countries even as they strive to hold ancient traditions intact. With detailed explanations of the ceremonies taking place and commentary from the couples themselves, Deypika’s Wedding is both rich with information and a deeply personal narrative. vinodFilms continues to work on several additional projects and would appreciate feedback from others who share a similar vision.

Founded by Vinod Kumar, the production company aims to raise awareness about Indian culture among Western audiences- a cause that Vinod is deeply passionate about. After a very successful corporate career, Vinod – an MBA and mechanical engineer by training – now heads up a management-consulting firm. Vinod is able to spend more time pursing his interest in filmmaking despite his busy schedule because of his determination to see his vision succeed. A native of India, he has been living in the United States for about twenty years and has an intimate understanding of both cultures. Along with his unique perspective, his gift for filmmaking and communications enable him to get his message across in a compelling and concise manner.

Thank you for your interest and please feel free to send any inquiries to vinod@vinodfilms.com.

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